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Appwrite raised $27M in series A round funding led by Tiger Global

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Appwrite is an open-source backend as a service or BaaS platform with which companies can focus more on their front end and has raised $27 million. Late last year, the company raised $10 million, highlighting its burgeoning BaaS movement. This company is challenging many other giants in the market.

Given its current form, the BaaS platform is offering developers the needed APIs to power up the infrastructure of apps. It includes authentication, effective API management, database storage, data querying, and maintaining privacy. The main motive of this platform is to build tools for developers, making development a seamless process. Appwrite’s founder and CEO Eldad Fux told VentureBeat that their main motive is to help developers with the latest features.

The company is preparing for its recent cloud-hosting launch in the coming summer, and developers can expect early signup in this relation. CEO of the giant commented on how Appwrite can be a developer’s feature as of now in the market. 

The flexibility of Cloud Products

Cloud products offer flexibility, and businesses can deploy this self-hosting BaaS product. To keep away from the operational problems of getting up a cloud system, go for setup resources of Appwrite. Appwrite cloud is easy to deploy in Appwrite projects. The company is trying hard to develop the cloud product, resulting in excessive growth. The open-source community developers increased from 40000 to 150000.

The company will use the capital for the team’s internal growth and build a robust platform with functionalities and features for its access. The company CEO added that they would try to reduce friction in building the apps and include other essential APIs.

Moreover, the company’s series A round has been led by Tiger Global Management, where giants like Bessemer venture partners, Ibex investors, Seedcamp, and capital partners participated. The main idea is to include the latest features for seamless use of the BaaS platform, especially the app developers.

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