Is Coral Springs a Good Place to Live?

With the motto of Coral springs as the community of excellence and with its ranking by in 2010 as the best place to live in America, there is hardly any use debating whether or not Coral Springs is a good place to live. Living in Coral Springs affords you the opportunity to experience its beautiful attractions, catch some sun at the nearby Fort Lauderdale beach, enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy the booming market alongside all the goodies of Miami with which it shares proximity.

If you are considering a place to move and really have some fun, then a choice for Coral springs is just about the best choice you are about to make.

Don’t worry, we are here to take you through what you need to know before moving to Coral Springs, why Coral Springs is a good place to live and the best Coral Springs moving company to assist you with your moving.

Five quick facts you need to know before moving to Coral springs

Coral Springs is rated one of the best places to live in Florida and even in the entire country. This is probably because it keeps to some plans or regulations some of which you need to know before moving to Coral springs.

Car registration

If you plan on moving to Coral Springs with your private car, it is good you know that you just have some 10 days to get your car registered. This date, however, begins from the day you begin working in the state of Florida or the day you put your child in school. The proof of ownership of your vehicle is compulsory and you have to equally provide your proof of insurance for the car. You have up to 30 days to transfer the driver’s license you have to that of Florida.


As for the climate of the city, it is known for its rather humid subtropical nature. The summer is hot and humid and the winter is mild. The temperature can run between 60 to 70 plus and even 80s. The city also witnesses hurricanes and some tropical storms.

Key ratings

  • Coral Springs is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale
  • Coral Springs has a population of 133,370.
  • Coral Springs is the 10th of 1,297 most diverse places to live in Florida.
  • Coral Springs has a median household income of $77,488.


Do not expect to see so many tall buildings in Coral springs. The town has a policy which regulates and limits building heights to 12 story buildings.

With the exceptions of Country Club Tower, the Preferred Exchange Tower, 210 Tower and Bank of America Center, you won’t find buildings taller than 12 story buildings, a policy with which the city keeps its aesthetics.

Why Coral springs is a good place to live

Food and restaurants

One of the very first things you would like to know about the place you want to move to is their food and restaurants. Do they have varieties for you and are there great restaurants that will take care of you? Coral springs has an abundance of neat and professional restaurants that will give you just what you want and when you want them. You would find all kinds of continental dishes in the major restaurants in the area including the Italian Tavolino Della Notte which is for Italian and vegetarian friendly persons. There is also the American Big Bear Brewing Company, the Arun’s Indian Kitchen, the Chinese Red Ginger Restaurant, and the Melting Pot.

Coral Springs job market

One of the things that make people troop to Coral Springs is the richness of its job market. The 2013 rating of the city put its unemployment rate at 5.7%, which is much lower than the national average for unemployment. Coral springs boasts of many industries which are ever ready to absorb job seekers. This cuts across education, construction industry, health services, arts and recreation and maintenance industries. The city’s foremost employers include Broward County Schools in the education sector. You also have Publix Supermarket, the Wall-Mart is there, the Coral Springs Medical Center, the First Data and Alliance Entertainment Schools etc

Coral Springs Transportation

By living in Coral Springs, you also get to enjoy the city’s transportation system and policy. The city local government doesn’t charge you for using its bus within the in-city transportation. Broward County equally offers transportation to different areas in Broward County. Mostly, the city residents use their personal cars through the only major highway in the city. For your air transportations, Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is always there to provide you with the services you need.

By providing you with some free service transportation, living in Coral Springs not only makes you save your earnings, but provides you the sense of attention and care that you need to feel at home with the city.

Arts and culture in Coral springs

Living in Coral Springs will also make you enjoy your life in the abundance of arts and culture. The city’s Centre for the Arts schedules productions and some services. If you are the type that loves it in mass, the Coral Springs yearly festivals such as Our Town and even Fiesta Coral Springs are always organized festivals to liven up the city. The city is also full of parks and swimming pools for you. It harbors other games and outfits like the soccer fields, the tennis court and all other games that will keep you busy at all times.

Education in Coral springs 

Quality education is also one of the things you will enjoy in Coral Springs. Broward County Public School has about three separate high schools, its middle schools are about four and they run about twelve elementary schools all within Coral Springs. Broward College, Barry University and Nova Southeastern University are also there to take care of your university education.

Moving to Coral Springs

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